Aug 12, 2010

Diary: Cloudy day in Zürich

這是我在瑞士的第二年夏天...然而不是每天都放晴, 老天偶爾也需要喘口氣讓烏雲佈滿整個天空.......

還記得剛搬過來的時候, 很不習慣黃金星期天居然沒有一家店是營業的, 如果是在亞洲, 即使颱風天都還能出門看電影或是唱歌, 但在歐洲, 除了能坐在咖啡店喝個咖啡以外, 最多只能欣賞櫥窗裡的擺設, 但瑞士人說也奇怪, 即使沒有店家開門做生意, 他們卻也還是很樂意在商店街上閒晃, 或許window shopping 似乎也能振奮一下人們的精神, 在如此陰天的城市裡......

This is the second summer I spend through in Switzerland. Unfortunately, not everyday is a sunshine day. But sometimes cloudy day might bring you more happier and cheerful mood.

I still remember when I just moved to here, it's hard to accept for me that no shops were opening on beautiful Sunday. It would never happened in any city in Asia. I have nothing to do except for drinking coffee and wandering on the street on Sunday afternoon. Besides, people in Switzerland also love hanging around, they all look like having a wonderful day on window shopping. Just like me : )

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