About me
Hello! My name is Anita Hsieh. A Taiwanese who lives in Zurich, Switzerland.

After I had finished my Journalism degree in Taiwan, I worked as a fashion editor for the magazine for several years. In 2010, I moved to Zurich and started to learn graphic design. Currently, I work as a graphic designer in the advertising agency in Zurich.

I'm always open for freelance jobs, interesting projects. Feel free to contact me. My mother language is Mandarin, and I also speak Cantonese, English and German.

About this blog
At the very beginning, when I was still studying in the university, I started to write about articles related to Design in Chinese. Later on from time to time I take a break or write something else besides design, such as my personal life, travel or I simply post some photography with the music.

In 2014, which is a very special year for me. While I was reviewing my past works, I decided to collect all of them in this blog. Also give it a new name. However, all these articles either way presented different stage of myself, and I really appreciated that. 

Hope you enjoy it!

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