Jun 13, 2011

Food : The smiley cookie with raspberry Jam

A bread baker with his happy smile is just shaking his hand and saying hello to me. I found this smiley cookie in almost every store when I was traveling in Switzerland.

Due to its cutie appearance with a rounded red nose, it attracted my attention immediately. This is their local snack with specialty of the country that you can only find it here. This smiley cookie is using a very freshening special homemade raspberry jam as its main ingredient and is fully decorated with white powdered sugar on its surface. The perfectly matched flavor, which combined the taste of cookie and the fruity jam will definitely excite your incredible tasting sense. Beside the traditionally famous Swiss chocolate, the smiley cookie can also bring you another dessert experiences.

Except for a delightful packing and lovely face could bring you lots fun, they also provide any size from the small one to biggest one to satisfied the consumer needs. Don't forget to give it a try when you are visiting Switzerland next time.

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