Feb 14, 2014

Lifestyle : Valentine's day My Ace

I remember when I was still living in Taiwan and Hong Kong, at every year's Valentine's day, it was so kitschy everywhere. Not only you see the shape of hearts everywhere, present package for Valentine, but also the menu in the restaurant. They have nothing else but the valentine's special dinner menu for two. And that's the only opinion you have. So if you don't plan to have a love special menu with your friends or family, you better stay at home on this day.

What I saw something which is quite funny was happening in Hong Kong, at valentine's day, you can see many girls who are holding a bunch of flowers walking on the streets. Almost every couple has a flower with them. And the flower is 10 times double prices than usual. I only see this phenomenon when I go to the morning Oerlikon supermarket.

In the mean time, in Taiwan, there were full of "Love Motel" advertisements all over in the news."Love Hotel Culture" has become one of very famous culture in Taiwan. Almost each Love Motel has many different kinds of style rooms, and some of them even provide sex toys or sex furniture inside. Don't be surprised, I saw it from the news and i was really wondering, was it appropriate to be displayed on TV?
Anyway, despite all of these, some hotels are quite nice and very well designing in an elegant way, just like those 5 stars hotels. If you're curious, just google it and try it once if you have a chance to visit Taiwan. 

How about valentine's day in Zurich, I must say, at least I don't feel I have to do something on this day. And no matter it is a valentine's day or not, obviously you don't get a table from a nice restaurant on the weekend, if you haven't made a reservation before.

So how about your valentine's day? Hope you don't feel alone :D

Happy cheers!

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