Mar 11, 2015

Lifestyle : TV time with "GIRLS"

Compare to "Gossip Girl" or "Sex and the city", the HBO original series "Girls" has more caught my interest in amount of women target series. 

In this series, no one is born in rich family, living in the fancy house, wearing the luxury brands and sitting in the limo while they go out. They're nothing like supermodels that you would see in the Abercrombie & Fitch store or at the Victoria secrets runway shows. They don't have the privilege in their life, they're just a group of ordinary, young people, try to survive and struggle in the big city. 

The real world is not a fairytale.

There are always a list of crap things bothering you, such as couldn't' find a nice job that you are passionate about, boyfriend & complicated relationship situation, don't know what exactly you want in your life, having a fight with your best friends or awful misunderstanding issues with your parents.  

Like most of the rest people, we always try to make the difficult life much more easier, we might worry about the rent, look for a job, deal with the conflicts with people. All these things that we experiences from life, no matter is good or not, you can find all in the show.

Nowadays, we live in the rapid, advanced development information technology world. The social media are surrounding among us which have become a very important part in our life. Especially Facebook, a platform which people used it to post what they would like to show off. You can easily observe somebody else life whenever you want, even a stranger. Then you compare your life to others. In Facebook, you only see the good part. Who went to travel again, had a fancy dinner in town, bought a luxury bag, had an amazing wedding...all of these, like a nightmare and never stop haunting you down. It brought you nothing but tons of anxiety. After a while, you have that kind of illusion in your head, that everyone is living in the happy wonderland, like a king and a queen. 

Watching Girls, reminds me what the real world looks like. It's not perfect, instead, life is full of disappointments, arguments, sadness, anger, jealousy...all the kinds of emotions appear in the series, sometimes it would get your nerve on edge, because it forces you to face your life, especially the ugly part that you try to escape from. 

No one can know what's the best for you, also watching Girls won't give you any advice or answer. Neither way is good or bad, you can only find out by yourself. Just like every actresses and actor in the series, they made mistakes, regret their choice, even blow things up at the end, but at the end, they still need to take the responsibility and accept the consequence. 

So we make mistakes, and we learn.

Perhaps next time we won't make the same mistakes, or we still follow our old path.

No matter what, that's how the Girls series taught me, how we live our life, even it's not perfect.

在眾多以女性為市場的電視劇裡,相較於欲望城市或是緋聞女孩,Girls反而比較吸引我,在 Girls 裡,沒有人是出身富二代豪門,住在漂亮的高級住宅區,身上沒有精品名牌,出門沒有跑車代步。演員不是 Abercrombie & Fitch 的帥哥,也不是擁有維多利雅秘密火辣身材的模特兒, 他們沒有先天獨厚的環境可以揮霍人生,而是一群再普通不過,試著在這充滿競爭的大城市裡,為生活努力奮鬥的年輕人。








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