Apr 1, 2010

France: Paris Dream

I’m walking alone the street, finding love in Paris.
Just like a dream, It was love in Paris.


If you ask me why I love Paris, I would tell you because of it's Eiffel Tower, 
Van Gogh's painting in the museum of Orsay, luxury Château de Versailles, delicious desserts. 
Oh, and I do love to enjoy drinking coffee at the classical cafe shop.


1. 唯美的巴黎鐵塔是愛情的見證
2. 奧賽美術館印象派的真畫,梵谷我終於見到你了!
3. 凡爾賽宮的奢華生活和公園,路易14過的真好
4. 法國甜點不僅好看又好吃
5. 坐在小咖啡館喝咖啡,就是有一種古典浪漫氣息

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