Jan 7, 2010

Design Observe : Welcome to the Hello Kitty boarding gate

It was an other day I came back to Hong Kong from the Taiwan Taoyuan International airport of Taipei after I visited my family. When I arrived at boarding gate C-3, I noticed a large and glamorous Hello Kitty happy land with an exclusive shop selling various Hello Kitty related souvenirs. At that moment I was thinking, I was in a fairy-tale.

Actually, I always knew that EVA Airways is in cooperation with the Hello Kitty creator Sanrio and builded up some special airplanes, which are completely decorated on topic of Hello Kitty. These airplanes are not only branded with a Hello Kitty logo on the exterior wall, but also every single details of the interior which you could imagine such as plates and silverware were fully tagged with Hello Kitty patterns. However, It's new to me that they have opened a Hello Kitty Happy Land with a stored selling souvenirs. I was really surprised.

Unfortunatly, until now I never had a chance to take that unique airplane, but after I visited the Hello Kitty happy land, I was cheered up and joyful.
Above: Take a relaxing shopping tour before your flight at the delicated boutique next to the large Hello Kitty Statue.

Above: Take a break by sitting on the cutie Hello Kitty chair and enjoy the fairy-tale liked happy moment. But don't forget to take your flight.
Below: A unique working public telephone facility attached on the pink and white painted wall.

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