Dec 30, 2012

Design Observe: Good signs lead you direction

I never pay attention to what signs and typeface were written in the airport, but I do know the good signs direct you to the right way efficiency and it must be very clarity and readable. 

Why is a good sign so important in airport? 
Unfamiliar country, different language, crowded people walking around the airport, distracted huge colourful advertisement, you may get lost and confused by all these stuffs. The signs and typeface play such an important role here. That's why they need to be designed very clear.

Designers of the Signs That Guide You pointed out how important of the signs in the airport and also introduced the distinctive signs from Vienna airport and some others. Vienna airport had increased the new terminal  which the signs were designed by the Swiss designer Ruedi Baur. He choose the Fedra Sans and devised the blurred effect to make it different compare to others signs in the airport.

One of his interesting works also included the Cologne Bonn Airport in Germany. Colourful and simple designed pictograms express a very friendly and welcome atmosphere. However it is a quite rare experiment and not very common around the world. But, I do love the design and the colour indeed cheer me up.

The article also mentioned the first of modern airport signage systems in 1960s and 1970s, were characterized by discipline and uniformity. There was a dutch designer,Benno Wissing, who designed for Schiphol airport in Amsterdam was famous of his lucid typography and colour coding.

In 1970s, another swiss typeface designer Adrian Frutiger, who influenced the direction of digital typography in 20th and 21th, also best known for creating the Univers and Frutiger typefaces. He developed a signage system for Charles de Gaulle Airport near Paris. It could be read very easily and provide a convenient place to the passengers.

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