Sep 22, 2012

Diary: Simple life

最近的生活庸庸懶懶的, 但也很簡單, 每天過著很規律的生活, 早上上課, 下午念書....雖然有點單調, 卻也過得很好.......如果生活複雜的些, 心情也會跟著煩躁, 但過於乏味, 很容易變成太無聊整天胡思亂想, 原來任何事情都要拿捏得很好才行。

Recently I have been so lazy and haven't updated my blog for a long while. Actually, unlike most of the people are so busy for pursuing their own prospected wonderful life. For me, simple life is what I'm only seeking. To go to school and study have become my routine life at this moment. Without complicated, without anxious. I'm enjoying it. So, dear, what life you have going through now?

The Calendar Girl by Stars

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