Jan 29, 2014

Japan Travel : Kyushu-Yufuin 湯布院

Last year I decided to go to south of Japan, Kyushu for a week again. The airport is Hakata airport. 
I stayed at Fukuka city for few days, just to have a little bit shopping and city tour here. Then I went to other cities around Fukuka such as Yufuin and Beppu for my hot spring special trip.
Yufuin is very well known for hot spring. There are many kinds of hot spring hotel and traditional Japanese inn which called Ryokan, they feature for tatami-matted rooms, communal baths, and the guests would wear Yukata walking around and chat with other people or the owner in the hotel.

One of the reasons I'm very enjoying traveling in Japan is, not only sightseeing, but also can eat their local special food and unique sweet food which you could only get in local. Along the main tourist street to the famous KinRinko Lake, there're full of handcraft traditional Japanese stores and boutiques, delicious food and snacks. I usually bought a lot of interesting souvenirs that you only find here.

This time I stayed at a good traditional Japanese inn called ほてい屋 , I strongly recommend it!! The service was perfect, and the meal was wonderful. (I ordered the Kobe beef menu, Yummy Yummy! ). 
I do love the hot spring, your skin becomes amazing smoothly and soft after bathing. 

  KinRinko Lake

  KinRinko Lake

Ryokan Hotel  ほてい屋  

Hot spring tub inside the room
The hotel always has the "Yukata", Japanese traditional clothes.
Just wear it after bathing. Then you would have a dinner in your tatami room.


How to get here
Take a JR express from Bepuu station to Yufuin station
Time: 1 hr 

Hotel Info
How to get here
The hotel provides a pick up service, but due to a communication problem, if you can't speak Japanese, it's hard to book with them. However it only takes 10 mins from the station to the hotel. 

Book online
The hotel has variety style of rooms,  depends on how many people you have and if you want to have a private hot spring tub or not.

Although the website has English version, but I suggest you better to book in Japanese version. You can choose what meal you want to have, and more information about the room options. 

In Japan, especially for the traditional hotel, usually you book for one night, breakfast and dinner are included. 

CHF 300 per person

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