Jan 28, 2014

Swiss Travel : Gruyères! Castle & Fondue

After I moved to Switzerland, I have never visited the Cheese factory, and I only tried once Fondue. Thanks to my friend, Manual, who was organising a wonderful trip for us. So I had a chance to have a delicious fondue and visit the castle nearby.
The train from Zurich to Gruyères takes around 2.5 hr, once we arrived, we had a fondue lunch first. Although I'm not a fondue expert, but all my friends were agreeing with me which was a good one. The factory is small and actually you could only see inside through the window. However luckily you won't have to smell the stinky cheese during the tour.

Unfortunately, this time I didn't take many pictures, imagine after the fondue lunch, you were drunk at the moment.

The castle Château de Gruyères is pretty large, and there are many things you can see, like paintings, the furnitures back to that time, and it also has a short movie to let you know more about the history. For me the funny part is the castle has always reminded me of the scene in " Game of thrones", an American series. Especially when someone was keeping saying "I'm the king of the kingdom" with a gesture pretending as a king. 

Then there is a very special bar and museum which called HR Giger just near the castle, HR Giger is a swiss artist who created the terrifying life forms and classic Alien like we always see in the film. The bar is pretty cool. All the decorations and chairs are made as these scary aliens.  So after the tour you can spend some time in the bar with friends and chill.

    (Photo from Switzerland tourism)

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