Jan 26, 2010

Diary:We call this is a "Life"

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I took this picture with a computer webcam two years ago in my previous office in HK. I was trying to express delight, anger, sorrow and happiness emotion, it was easy to me. And I believe it was also easy to everyone. But in a real life, it is very difficult to pretend any kind of emotion.
Even you are good at hiding or pretending your emotion, you still clear know how is your feeling in your deeply heart. Besides, no matter you are trying to get rid of anger and sorrow emotion, they are always surround by your side. They won't go away forever. Same as delight and happiness, they are always show up. So, if a life you are going through now without delight, anger, sorrow and happiness emotion. That would be not qualify to name as a "Life".

這張照片是我兩年前在香港的辦公室裡拍的, 當時只是抱著好玩的心情在webcame鏡頭前裝出喜怒哀樂的表情, 我相信這對大家來說都是件很簡單的事, 可是在現實生活裡, 人們各種真實的情緒是很難偽裝的, 即便你很善於隱藏你的情緒, 但在內心深處還是很清楚自己心裡是否難過或是開心。

不管有多努力想要擺脫難過和不開心的心情, 你會發現它們卻會一直不停的在你生活裡出現, 好像永遠都不會消失一樣, 有時以為沒有了, 它又會馬上提醒你, 但其實快樂和幸福的感覺, 它們何嘗不也是經常出現在日常生活中的小細節, 因為, 沒有喜怒哀樂的情緒參雜在你的生命當中, 那人生就不叫做人生了。

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