Jan 16, 2010

Fashion : Hedi Slimane

If you knew about Hedi Slimane, then you definitely knew that he owns a high reputation in fashion world. After he graduated from school, he worked as a design director in many high fashion brands. Besides, he was also famous for creating a brand of “Dior Homme” in 2000.

He was not only considered a born designer, but also gained many awards in his career life. Although he left Dior Homme in 2007, you could still hear of his news and find his projects anywhere. He insists to do what attracts him, and never stop continuing to persuade his life goal until now. He doesn’t drink, smoke or drugs. It’s his view of life.

Except for his talent of fashion, the most thing which fascinating me was his photograph. That’s also why many fashion magazine and commercial advertisements always invited him to shot a series of photographs.
Hedi Slimane is really an incredible photographer, Perhaps dues to his sharp eyes on Fashion. He is really good at performing black and white photograph and quite knew how to capture a moment. Through the model’s expression, it seems you could sense his passion of fashion. In the mean time, you just couldn’t keep your eyes on the pictures when you gazing his works. You could completely feel the emotion and power from the portrait in the photo.

Apparently he clearly knew how to express what he wants to tell in the photo, and successfully knew how to seduce the model’s charming to turn out an attracting photo. Just revel in his works and enjoy that fantasy world.

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